Bristol Screenprinters

Screenprinting, or silk screen printing as it is sometimes called, is our most popular way of decorating teeshirts and other garments. It produces strong colours even on dark garments and we have been screenprinters for over 25 years. We can print up to 6 spot colours or 4 colour process. Screen prints are extremely durable and are likely to be the cheapest solution for large volume printing.

A screen has to be made up for each ink colour in the design and we charge £15 each for this. This is a one-off charge on your first order only. The price of screen printed shirts depends upon the number of shirts ordered (the price comes down for larger orders), the number of ink colours in the design and the number of positions printed on the shirts (chest, back, sleeve etc).

As we print in-house, we can often complete a screen print job within a week. It can be as few as 6 garments…..up to several hundred.